Solo-traveling as an introvert

How often is too often for a home-body to get out of the house? Once a week? Every two weeks? This is a question I’m beginning to ask myself as I’m stretching the limits with my outings. Granted I may be slightly dramatic with the numbers, but to actually leave and go somewhere other than the grocery store that’s less than two blocks away, certainly makes it a legitimate question.

I’ve always been considered a shy, introvert who prefers smaller crowds and quieter locations, (ie. home) over big parties and masses amount of people. So, when I’m placed in a new environment like Germany, it can take me a lot longer than the fun-loving extrovert next door to get out, explore, and make new friends.

Fast forward a year, and I’m still finding myself on the couch, willing myself to go places, all the while only having made one true friend. Who coincidentally is neither American, nor German!

I’m proud to say I’ve made huge strides though, this last week! I got myself out of the house three times in the past five days! Friends, this is monumental!! All solo-outings and I’ll admit, I enjoyed myself each time, (though after three hours, I was ready to go home), introverts unite!

On the 4th, I went to Schloss Solitute, a Duke’s home in the 1700s, and was pleasantly surprised to see it virtually empty! This was the 4th of July after all and with all of the Americans in this area on holiday, I was expecting hoards of people. Not so! I got to walk the grounds with only a few older couples and a bus full of French children.

Beautiful, isn’t it? If those 20+ rather adorable, hyper French kids hadn’t joined the guided tour inside, I would have done it too! At only 4 Euro a piece, I’ll definitely be going back to see the inside.

Today, I went to the Stuttgart library and this library is unlike any library you’ve ever seen. It’s incredible!

With a cafe on the top floor and a rooftop terrace, anyone can lounge for hours. I would have gladly stuck around, but whether they don’t have A/C or simply chose not to run it, it was a little too hot in there for me.

Who knows what I’ll do tomorrow. Maybe I’ll stay inside or maybe I’ll set out on another solo adventure, but no matter what, this little introvert is working hard on stepping out of her comfort zone, because the big test is next week when I go on a solo trip for three whole days!!


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