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Time surprises me. Just yesterday it was the weekend; a couple days prior I was visiting a friend in Leipzig, and a week before that it was the new year. But in reality: the weekend was three days ago, my visit over a week ago and the new year, seven months! How oh how does this happen?!

In just eleven days I’ll be 36. 36!! My mind is blown.

I hear parents always say, “time slow down!” as they watch their kids grow too fast, and despite no kids, I feel like shouting the same thing.


Though it’s practically almost the new weekend, I still want to share last weekend’s fun. If not for you, for me so I can remember it all.

In the little village I live in, every Saturday, I get to choose between two farmers markets. One is the main one that’s in a big church parking lot, downtown. They have meat, flowers, produce, cheese, eggs. You name it, they have it. The other is smaller and right by the train station with only fresh produce and eggs to choose from. This one is a two minute walk vs ten minute, so its typically the one I go to most.

just call me lazy!

The women there are really nice and mainly speak German and after going there for almost a year, they have a good understanding that I’m American. They let me speak German and they speak it right back, but fast! I understand a good 20-30% of what they’re saying and sometimes after a blank stare, they either repeat what they said or revert to broken English. They’re all quite friendly, and though the prices are steep, I like to stop in each Saturday to get my eggs.

Though, I’ve noticed if I make it to the bigger market, they’re always generously throwing in extra vegetables for free for me. So, it’s a toss-up on which location is better overall.

This is just one of the things I love about my little village I live in. Plus, the train station being so close makes travel so convenient. Trains here are nothing like in America. They’re clean, safe, reliable, and overall very easy to use. Any American coming from the states who rides them think they’re the best ever. But if you experience Japan and their rail system, then you’ll realize real fast they don’t hold a candle to Japan’s, but are still far superior to America’s subways.

(for the record, I’ve ridden plenty of American subway, too.)

Other things I find neat about living here is all the WWII history. Granted it’s the other’s side of history, but history nonetheless. We took a short drive to Birkenkopf, aka “Rubble Hill.” Because Stuttgart was a major hub for the nazis and had 45% of the city destroyed by allied bombs during WWII, there was considerable amount of debris.

Over four years, they took 1.5 million cubic meters of rubble and piled it on top of this little hill as a dumpster of sorts, raising it by 40.2 meters. Pretty remarkable. In the sixty years it’s been there, it’s had a lot of vegetation growth, covering up the majority of rubble. Some areas, though, have the more decorative stones visible for those who pass by, and I found it quite interesting walking up the hill to see it all.

Leading to the top of the hill.

“This hill, after the second world war, built up from the ruins of the city, stands in memory of the victims and as a warning to the living.”

Kind of chilling, don’t you think?

Beautiful views of Stuttgart.

Heading back down the hill.

Some of the more decorative stones on display.

Hiking up Rubble Hill was definitely worth it. To see the history, have the reminder, and enjoy the beautiful views of the city. It’s just short and “easy” enough that anyone can do it and not feel like they’re going to die, so, add it to your list of places to see if you happen to be in Stuttgart.

That was our main attraction for the weekend, taking it fairly easy, and I’m glad we did it. The hubs isn’t too much into hiking, so it was a refreshingly different way to spend the weekend together. One can only guess what next weekend will bring. Here’s hoping you had a memorable weekend…all those days ago, yourself!

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