German waves

Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland
Gullfoss waterfall

I started writing this post Tuesday, and already its Friday! My days seem so short this week, and that’s probably in part because I’ve slept in every.single.morning! Completely unlike me, but I’m going to blame it on my husband.

Likely reason… He’s sleeping in too, which makes me have zero desire to get out of bed earlier, so, I’ve enjoyed the extra hour I’ve been getting. It’s funny though, even though it’s just one extra hour (I’m waking up around 8), it throws my whole morning off! Is that the same for you? I secretly look forward to waking up earlier again, so I can feel like I’m not wasting my days away.

Since being in Germany, my desire to learn German has gone in waves. I get really determined, take private lessons and press through the overwhelming feelings as I learn a new language, to completely uninterested (mostly due to those overwhelming feelings), and don’t think, touch, or even attempt to speak German.

These waves usually last months, and I’m just now coming off the “uninterested” wave and ramping up to want to learn it all. I know enough to order and ask for things, but beyond that, whenever someone speaks outside of those common phrases, my mind (and face) go blank. I’m finally tired of not knowing more than I do, so, this week I’ve been fully immersing myself in radio, podcasts, and youtube videos. Because of that, I haven’t sat to write! German takes 110% of my concentration and writing in English isn’t conducive when listening in German.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to this week. I hope to start German classes this Monday, and I’m nervous for it to start! It’ll be the first time I’ll be in a class setting – I had a private tutor before – and this will be a whole new experience for me. I hope, though, it’ll help me overcome my fear of speaking in front of people. I usually break out in a major sweat when I need to speak.

I wish I were joking.

I promise to share my progress, and if the class was more or less helpful than my private tutor. ..something I’m really wondering about.. It’s 2 days a week for 5 weeks, so, if nothing else, it’ll get me out of the house!

Beyond this week, we’ve done a bit of traveling, and over Labor Day weekend, we went to Iceland!! I’m excited to share all about it, because it was a last-minute trip (something we do often…and don’t recommend!) and a lot of fun.

Did you travel for the holiday? I realize that was already a week ago, but indulge me!



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