Catch my breath

Moo cow

I feel like I’m doing the opposite of what the “normal” person does. The normal person travel all through Summer and then gets back into a groove of work, maybe school, but basically stops traveling once Fall hits, and that hasn’t been the case here, at all.

We stayed home almost all of Summer with only me taking a trip to visit my friend in Leipzig, in July. But that’s pretty much it. Now though! it’s been go-go-go and all I can say is I’m looking forward to staying home this weekend.

Through all of this, I forget that blogging is there. I used to write all the time with my other blog, and now I have to remind myself that YES you DO have a blog again, and it means posting more than the occasional one a month. This is a process I must re-learn!

For the past three weeks, we did a trip to Austria to see those amazing cows above, then I turned around the next day and took a 4 day trip to Bavaria by myself for a photography workshop, THEN less than 48 hours later, we were driving BACK to Bavaria and Austria for the weekend to see Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest and do the Sound of Music tour…quite different, yet, appropriately combined adventures! Those are all 4-5 hour drives each way for all destinations, and all I can say is: I’m beat!

germany bavaria mountains
Me in Bavaria
eagle's nest germany
Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest”

Mixed in all this, I’m also taking German classes and that just adds a whole new level of time-consuming stress that I can’t even explain…unless you’ve learned a new language as well, and can commiserate. But if not, just know: its tough! I find myself lying in bed each night thinking of how to form sentences and what a particular word means, and what was the different between, “gegen, geben, gegeben, again? and is it gibt es, or es gibt..and will I ever figure out how to use that properly!??” 

All this keeps me up at night. My own version of nightmares…

So, my guilt levels are high as I go through each day thinking I need to spend my time listening/learning German over playing on the internet (we are paying for these classes after all), while still maintaining the home, and all that fun stuff. It’s silly, isn’t it?

There’s a balance for everything, and I suppose if I didn’t enjoy my mornings like I do for as long as I do, I’d probably feel less guilt. 😉 but, let’s not think about that.