Hi, I’m Emily. I’ve carried many titles in my day: blogger, Officer, Sergeant, retiree (my most favorite), student, photographer, college graduate (my most recent), writer, new wife, (okay, this is my most favorite!), and expat. Here’s a question though, when does the “new” title for wife get dropped…one year? two? Inquiring minds over here.

OK! That was a lot, but that gives you a small glimpse into who I am and was before creating the Carving Stone. No doubt you could say the same for yourself! If there’s one thing I’m realizing though, its that our lives are constantly changing, and I’m finding it so important to not only go with the flow, but also do so with as much grace as possible.

Something I’m still working on, believe me.

When I was in my twenties, I was career driven. I had the ambition to go to the top and was well on my way, but by thirty, I medically retired which changed everything for me.
Read: world crashed down around me.

By thirty-two, I had decided to go back to college. Something I never dreamed I’d actually do since dropping out at eighteen, but at thirty-five, I walked across that stage and accepted my diploma with honors! …I was just a little happy about it.

Maybe this is you. Maybe you understand what it’s like to go from high to low while building back up to high, and maybe – like me – you’re still figuring out what it is your title and role should be. With one chapter of your life over, the future pages may still look blank but that’s what’s so beautiful about life, isn’t it? We can continuously look ahead to see what tomorrow will bring.

Thanks to my husband, we currently live in Germany and most of my “tomorrows” have some form of new adventure in it. Whether that’s learning a new German word, traveling, or tasting a new ice cream flavor (its just so good here!), I’m happily supporting him along the way…in the “rah-rah” sense, of course. Though being an expat isn’t always easy, and can be quite stressful, we’re still managing to have some fun.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

So, stick around so we can get to know one another. Send me an email to say hi or ask a question about early retirement, returning to college after thirteen years, and living in a foreign country. Or shoot, if you need someone to commiserate with, too, I’m your gal.