Two pants down

Typically when someone writes “two pants down” they mean down in size, and we can all clap and cheer, but that’s not me. I’m down two pants because both have tore in the exact same spot, within two weeks of each other!

Blasted inner thigh area.

One of two things could have caused this…

Increase in thigh size, increase in thigh size, or increase in thigh size.

Okay, that was three, but I’ll spare the guesses. {whispers} it’s cause #3..and 2..and 1.

I have no idea how this happened, (I say as I spread chocolate icing on a graham cracker). But truthfully, I wasn’t expecting this second pair to “R.I.P” (terrible pun intended). The first pair I owned held up beautifully through all the little weight fluctuations for 13 years. But this pair I’ve only had for three years, or four, or is it five?!

Can’t remember for the life of me, but definitely not 13! Too soon in my book. Too soon.

the jeans ;-(

I get that “ripped” jeans are in right now. I see them all over the internet, but I like to be covered, and not have random chunks of skin uncomfortably popping out. Just not my thing.

Which bring me back to the “cause.”

I workout six days a week, (not bragging, because remember: two jeans down!), and was actually just having a conversation with my husband about this very topic. Changes are happening in every other area but my thighs. They’re slimmer but not toning. As my husband pointed out, my legs are someone else’s midsection. Meaning, where one person struggles to lose weight in their belly, I struggle to tone and define my legs. He’s right. Since high school, it’s been my one area. I mean, even my podiatrist, years ago, said I will always have “cankles.” (thanks, doc) Thus, I’m noticing pants with stretch, ie. legging-esque quality, fit nicely, while my jeans… require major hoisting up.

What’s a girl to do?

If you say, ‘not eat chocolate icing graham crackers,’ I’d say, “have you tried it?!” Okay, I’d really say, “no, duh!” But truth is, this is the first time in 17 years I’ve done this… leftover icing from my birthday cake can’t go to waste after all. I eat pretty healthy – degree in nutrition helps in that area – so maybe it’s just the ol’ “getting older” excuse that’s shaking things up. It’s hard to say, but I know one thing’s for sure, it’s time to go shopping!

Which is where you come in!

What are your favorite jeans brand? Where do you shop? What do you buy?
I want quality, comfortable jeans that don’t require me to hold my breath and strain just to get them past my knees. That leaves out any super skinny can-see-every-dimple kind of jeans. no-no, just no. I want to be able to breathe like a normal person.

It’s obvious that it’s been years since I’ve been jeans shopping and need all the help I can get.

And! Any recommendations on sizing issues? Waist is still the same size, so sizing up to accommodate the thighs means baggy waist, while sizing for the waist means loss of feeling in the thighs. A bit of a lose-lose, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on everything!

What should I do? Inquiring minds want to know!

This is 36

…and two days. 😉

Every year, ever since about seven-years-old, I’ve stayed up to the minute I was born to wish myself a happy birthday. It’s a crazy tradition that I don’t quite know why I started it, but one I’ve kept up for almost thirty years.

It’s fun and silly, and one I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

I was born at 3:02am, and most years I’d watch countless movies to pass the time. Other years, if I had to work the next morning, I’d set my alarm to 3:01 and wait for the clock to strike :02.

This year, as the day approached, G asked the all important question, “you going to stay up this year?” I immediately said, “of course!” …even though I was debating whether to set my alarm or actually stay up to the minute.

But then he reminded me we live in Germany, and I wasn’t born in this time zone! – lightbulb moment – That changed everything! Technically I wasn’t born until 12:02pm Germany time, so there was no sense in staying up. So, I slept! I’ll only make this exception for the rest of our time in Germany, and then, when we’re back living in the states, I’ll resume my ever-so-important tradition.

because, “it’s tradition!”

(name that movie!)

My birthday was the best, I have to say. Whether it was the uninterrupted sleep, which ironically, I did wake up at 3:45am to use the bathroom – my body must not have gotten the “skip the tradition” memo – or the simple fact that G made it extra special for me.

The second I woke up he told me not lift a finger for the entire day; that he’d take care of everything. who am I to argue?! He made breakfast, cleaned, did the laundry, you name it, he did it, all while I sat on the couch feeling like the biggest guilt-pot!

Anyone ever feel guilty for not helping, even when told not to help?? It’s the strangest feeling, but I fought it best I could, and enjoyed the entire day. He was all set to make a special birthday dinner, but we loved lunch so much (this delicious French Dip recipe), that we happily ate the leftovers.

I could seriously make these again!

A couple days before, I asked if he’d mind I made my own birthday cake. Something I never thought he’d want to do, and one I didn’t mind doing myself, and he looked at me and said, “why don’t you ask me to make it?” I’ll be honest, I never thought to ask. I actually viewed it as an imposition to him IF I asked, completely assuming he wouldn’t be up for it. And here he is more than willing, if I’d only ask!

Life (and marriage) lessons: 1. There’s no harm in asking. 2. You can’t do it all (nor should you) AND 3. Don’t make silly (and potentially harmful) assumptions!

I printed the recipe for One Bowl Chocolate Cake and he got to baking the night of my birthday. I only slightly hovered in the kitchen in case he needed me…or my input..who wouldn’t want my input? 😉

and it turned out delicious!!

I halved the recipe since it’s just us and it would’ve been way too much cake, and it still turned out perfect.

yes, I put it in a pie plate!! 

I can’t say enough how wonderful of a job he did. On the cake, on the day, on everything. I’m pretty thankful for that man and all he does. He’s a hard-worker in everything he does, and he successfully made my 36th birthday one I’ll always remember.


What nobody told me growing up

I’ve seen a lot of people claim they weren’t told about this and they weren’t told about that over the years. How they had no clue they had to brush their teeth every day, or that eating 6,000 calories of junk food and soda daily would lead them to get fat.. (yes, that’s actually been said). And it leaves me scratching my head saying, “huh?” because how does a person not know that, right?!

Some things are meant for common sense, some to be found out on our own, and some just aren’t thought of to share until after someone else asks, “why didn’t you tell me?!” At which point, the poor unsuspecting person says they thought you knew.

But this. I honestly didn’t see coming, didn’t hear anyone talk about it growing up, and certainly didn’t know it was a “thing.”

The older you get the less you’re able to jump.

(random photo of an olympic ski jump in Garmisch, fits, promise. 😉

Yes! Its a crazy thought, isn’t it?

Maybe your’e sitting there thinking I’m what’s crazy, but let me break it down and prove how true (and sadly painful) this is! Now, let me first exclude the obvious: adult athletes who jump, because this only applies to us normal folk. The everyday workers, worker-outers, those living life in a normal way.

As a kid, you run, jump, skip, bound. You do it all. Your legs and knees have no problem moving and taking you to greater heights. It’s like they were born to do that! (sarcasm) They don’t think twice about the way they move, they just do it freely and effortlessly.

Fast forward to adult life and what do you do? Sit, walk, ride a bike, maybe, and perhaps even run. But you have this set routine where all your body does is go straight. It stays in this linear pattern and never has the need to jump or move in a different way other than forward, backward, up and down. Am I right?

You’re not jumping anymore like you did when you were a kid. There’s really no need for it. So, when you’re walking the high school track for your exercise and you see those hurdles set up for their track practice, and you have a flashback to the “good ol’ days” you think you can jump over it.

But then you approach that hurdle, and the second you’re meant to bound over it like you did at sixteen, fear takes hold. The prospect of getting your body more than two inches off the ground all of a sudden is terrifying, and you stop just before slamming into the hurdle. You attempt it again and again and finally after the 5th pass-thru make it over in a far less graceful way than your sixteen-year-old self did. And you stand there hunched over reeling over the fact that the landing completely wrecked your body.

This. This is what nobody told me would happen.

I realized this at 30. How I had completely stopped any movement that wasn’t a forward/backward kind. How up to that point it never occurred to me that I did stop. So, on the day I saw those hurdles, it took me by complete surprise that I had to overcome an overwhelming fear to jump over them.

Now at 35, I make the effort to workout doing a lot of fast side-to-side motions, and even get myself to jump. Not crazy hurdles jump but jumping nonetheless; my knees don’t like it and often ache…yes, I’ve become one of those adults that complain about their knee pains. I’m only mildly sorry.

This is a topic “old people” talk about. It’s inevitable. Prepare yourself.

I know I’m not alone in this, because I’ve had discussions with other adults who feel the same. They too didn’t see it coming and they too hesitate to jump. It’s odd and sad, but darn if I’m not going to do everything in my {knees’} power to fight this crazy thing.

Maybe there’s far more things I’m unaware of that my forties will (no doubt) painfully enlighten me to, but I’ll gladly remain blissfully ignorant until that day comes. Unless of course you know things I don’t and you want to divulge them so I won’t have to feel like I’m getting smacked in the face with another shocker.

In that case, divulge away!