This is 36

…and two days. 😉

Every year, ever since about seven-years-old, I’ve stayed up to the minute I was born to wish myself a happy birthday. It’s a crazy tradition that I don’t quite know why I started it, but one I’ve kept up for almost thirty years.

It’s fun and silly, and one I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

I was born at 3:02am, and most years I’d watch countless movies to pass the time. Other years, if I had to work the next morning, I’d set my alarm to 3:01 and wait for the clock to strike :02.

This year, as the day approached, G asked the all important question, “you going to stay up this year?” I immediately said, “of course!” …even though I was debating whether to set my alarm or actually stay up to the minute.

But then he reminded me we live in Germany, and I wasn’t born in this time zone! – lightbulb moment – That changed everything! Technically I wasn’t born until 12:02pm Germany time, so there was no sense in staying up. So, I slept! I’ll only make this exception for the rest of our time in Germany, and then, when we’re back living in the states, I’ll resume my ever-so-important tradition.

because, “it’s tradition!”

(name that movie!)

My birthday was the best, I have to say. Whether it was the uninterrupted sleep, which ironically, I did wake up at 3:45am to use the bathroom – my body must not have gotten the “skip the tradition” memo – or the simple fact that G made it extra special for me.

The second I woke up he told me not lift a finger for the entire day; that he’d take care of everything. who am I to argue?! He made breakfast, cleaned, did the laundry, you name it, he did it, all while I sat on the couch feeling like the biggest guilt-pot!

Anyone ever feel guilty for not helping, even when told not to help?? It’s the strangest feeling, but I fought it best I could, and enjoyed the entire day. He was all set to make a special birthday dinner, but we loved lunch so much (this delicious French Dip recipe), that we happily ate the leftovers.

I could seriously make these again!

A couple days before, I asked if he’d mind I made my own birthday cake. Something I never thought he’d want to do, and one I didn’t mind doing myself, and he looked at me and said, “why don’t you ask me to make it?” I’ll be honest, I never thought to ask. I actually viewed it as an imposition to him IF I asked, completely assuming he wouldn’t be up for it. And here he is more than willing, if I’d only ask!

Life (and marriage) lessons: 1. There’s no harm in asking. 2. You can’t do it all (nor should you) AND 3. Don’t make silly (and potentially harmful) assumptions!

I printed the recipe for One Bowl Chocolate Cake and he got to baking the night of my birthday. I only slightly hovered in the kitchen in case he needed me…or my input..who wouldn’t want my input? 😉

and it turned out delicious!!

I halved the recipe since it’s just us and it would’ve been way too much cake, and it still turned out perfect.

yes, I put it in a pie plate!! 

I can’t say enough how wonderful of a job he did. On the cake, on the day, on everything. I’m pretty thankful for that man and all he does. He’s a hard-worker in everything he does, and he successfully made my 36th birthday one I’ll always remember.