3 months on, 3 weeks off

Back in May, G and I went to the states for a couple weeks to celebrate a number of events. One being our first anniversary and two my college graduation. Two very big deals, if I may say! I never imagined that I would graduate from college…let alone at the age of 35. I’ll save that story for another day, but visiting family and friends plus enjoying all the celebrations led to a near 10lb weight gain for me.

I’ll backstory that because truthfully, I did not gain 10lbs in 2 weeks. I did, however, not help the ever-growing weight gain in those two weeks either.

Over the years, I’ve had neck problems. In short: I got injured at work 12 years ago which has resulted in a lot of problems. Fast forward to two years ago and those problems increased to finding a lesion on my spinal cord – thankfully NOT M.S. – but it has limited me drastically in my ability to workout.

Neuschwanstein Castle Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle

Then last July, while we were visiting Neuschwanstein Castle, I injured my foot so badly I couldn’t walk for two+ weeks. How did I injure it? By walking downhill.. yes, just by simply walking… To this day, I still have trouble with it, with the doctors saying, ‘I dunno’ when I ask what’s wrong. Add this on top of my many neurological problems I have with both feet (that forced me to medically retire from my career six years ago), and this brings us to February! I did silly ol’ jumping jacks, and my neck got so angry, I couldn’t work out for months, which brings us back to May!

Phew! Quite the backstory.

Now you can understand how 10lbs began creeping on, because despite eating healthful meals each and every day, not working out was beginning to take its toll. Add two weeks in the states with all the delicious American foods, and before I knew it, I couldn’t breath in any of my jeans anymore. Sitting OR standing!

I felt terrible and knew I had to push past the pain and begin working out again. Though I have access to gyms, I’ve never felt comfortable in them. I wander, get bored, and admittedly intimidated, so, instead I committed to working out for 90 days at home.

Call me crazy, but I’m a big P90X fan (absolutely not a rep, just a fan). I have the original and the newest version, P90X3. I had already done 3 the year before, and was d-o-n-e by the end of it (aka couldn’t stand to do one more workout) so, I grabbed the (much) longer P90X and did the “lean” version.

Let me tell you, it’s a commitment!

My brain prefers 30 minute workouts and these were sometimes almost 1 1/2 hours long. I had to gear myself up numerous times to get through them, but I stuck with it.

After phase one – 4 weeks of working out 6 days a week – I asked G the all important question: “Can you tell a difference??”

His answer: no.


Truthfully, I knew the answer, because it was the same as mine. I didn’t see a single change in my body. My weight was almost the exact same, and my clothes were still fitting extremely tight. But I pressed on into phase two.

I asked G again at the end of phase two, now 8 weeks of 6 day a week workouts, “can you tell a difference??”

His answer: yes.

Whew! Progress was being made; slow, but it was there, and I was starting to notice it too! Even though my weight had only dropped two pounds, my clothes were fitting better, and I wasn’t feeling so bleh. — I should note that G said a lot more than “yes” but I’m giving you the cliff notes version. 😉

At the end of phase three, I was singing praises for being done, but also for the results. I was leaner, had more muscle, and fit back in all my clothes again…comfortably! Hallelujah! Though I had only lost around 4lbs, it didn’t matter. I could tell, and definitely G too, that there were major changes from working out, and I was happy for it.

One downside of the lean version we both noticed is it doesn’t do anything for the legs. So, while my arms and abs toned nicely, my legs seemingly got softer and flabbier.

I wonder had I chosen the “classic” and not “lean” version of P90X if I would have had more full-body results, but I’m not quite ready to dive into the hour+ workouts again to find out. They’re smart for keeping it at 90 days, because you truly get sick of it by end of phase 3. Instead, I relished in a three week break and have just started a new 5-day-a-week workout I created to target my legs: 3 days legs/abs, 2 days arms. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

So! What are your favorite workout programs? I’m always up for a fun, muscle-building at-home workout program!

Are you a gym-goer or home-worker-outer (that’s a word, promise) 😉 If you haven’t done P90X, I’d definitely say give it a go. X3 is only 30 minutes each and well worth the effort, but I found P90X incorporates more hand weights which gave me greater muscle growth in my arms. I’m definitely all about toned and defined arms, so bring on the weights! But would love some other recommendations.

p.s. is it possible to write a whole post about working out and NOT have a “workout” photo?? Well, I’m making it possible. 😉